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A Year in Estonia: Autumn. Sügis. Herbst.

 Scroll weiter für die deutsche Version ;-) Keri alla, et lugeda eesti keeles! ENG The city is full of people again. Nobody remembers the last time the city was this crowded. I had thought that it would be terrible when the people come back, but like every proper Tartu citizen, I love it. Tartu is once more how it is supposed to be. What was going on? Summer is over. Now that more than 70% of Estonians are vaccinated against Covid-19 (in our institute even more than 90%), the universities are opening their doors again. I have been working in the summer, too, constantly learning, and I had a presentation about my research at an international conference for the first time. I am also prepared for winter: I have dried herbs for teas, stacked firewood in the shed, picked berries, made jam, and froze bag after bag of blueberries, and marinated mushrooms. Fall is coming. The first of September is the first day of school for everybody. The school kids are wearing their finest clothes and