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Back in Nong Chok I want to Turn the Tide on Plastic

I’m in the large animal hospital of Mahanakorn University once again. With me are two groups of students, three six year students and four third year students. Each group has one they call for to translate, and the third year guys seem to have made a plan on who drives me home what day – still nobody lets me walk, although it is much shorter than taking the U-Turns on the street. But what can I say, we also drive when we go to the restaurant that is literally across the street from the dorm. Our first patient is a three month old calf with pneumonia who gets better after a week by daily nebulization. Then there is the cow with the paralyzed hind leg who gets electrostimulation, vitamins and massages, but nobody knows what the cause is. Cara, the horse whose wounds just won’t heal who has already been her in February. The university’s calves get dehorned. And lastly, the stallion who injured himself when he panicked in the transporter. He, too, gets daily massages and laser acupu

Eine Nacht in den Bäumen: The Bangkok Tree House

„Wenn alle Insekten der Erde verschwinden würden, würde alles Leben auf der Erde innerhalb von 50 Jahren enden. Verschwänden alle Menschen von der Erde, würden innerhalb von 50 Jahren alle Lebensformen aufblühen.“ -           Jonas Salk Dieses Zitat steht auf den T-Shirts der Angestellten im Bangkok Tree House. Was sie damit sagen wollen: Versuchen wir, miteinander zu leben und aufzublühen. Ich wollte frische Luft atmen, Vögel zwitschern und Insekten zirpen hören statt Verkehrslärm, ich wollte neue Energie tanken – und das, ohne weit fahren zu müssen. Tolle Idee, aber von Bangkok aus? Es gibt einen perfekten Ort, und der ist sogar mitten in dieser versmogten, lauten, großen und chaotischen Stadt. Foto: Bangkok Tree House Der Ort heißt Bang Krachao und wird auch „grüne Lunge von Bangkok“ genannt. Man kann diese grüne Insel inmitten all dem Grau auf Satellitenbildern sehen – und eine Insel ist es tatsächlich, auf dem Chao Phraya Fluss. Schon bevor ich

A night in the trees: The Bangkok Tree House

“If all insects on earth would to disappear, within 50 years all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” -           Jonas Salk This quote is on the back of the Treehouse staff’s T-shirts. What they mean: Let’s try to live and flourish together instead. I wanted to breathe clean air, and hear birds and insects instead of traffic, and unplug and recharge – without having to go a long way. Yeah, right, you say, but you live in Bangkok. Good thing there is just the place. Yes, inside this big, smog-plagued, noisy, chaotic city. The place is called Bang Krachao, nicknamed „green lungs of Bangkok“. You can see it in the satellite pictures: It’s a green island midst all the grey. And it is, in fact, an island on the Chao Phraya River. Foto: Bangkok Tree House Before I even arrived in Thailand I knew that I would have to spend a weekend in the sustainable hotel that is loca